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Sacred Spirit of Australia


24 December 2019


 Sacred Spirit of Australia

What a wonderful and powerful blessing we had today to meet Uncle Wayne Thorpe, Elder and Cultural Custodian of the Gunai People, who came here to do a ceremony to bless our Rainbow Serpent pilgrimage starting in a few days. We were painted with white ochre from this land, ceremonially cut on the shoulder with a piece of green obsidian vitrified by lightning to do a blood offering as our pledge to respect the law of the land, and were allowed to do our songs and ceremonies on Gunai lands.

Uncle Wayne also shared with us treasures of knowledge about ancestral lore, history, language and sacred ways. He will contact all the tribes he knows and let them know about our quest to restore balance, he will ask all the mobs to send healing energies to Uluru while we will be there in the days around January 12th, to bring healing and balance to Australia, which is now in dire need of relief, being devastated by worsening man made droughts and quickly spreading artificial bush fires. Rains are needed to put out the fires and quench the land, but are only a short term solution, as water management and geoengineering are the main causes of the droughts. The land needs to be freed from the powers draining its life force for profit, in order for the sacred Spirit to return.

The call is extended to all medicine people, healers, shamans and all Light workers around the world, to join in this unique Cosmic Convergence at the special time of this powerful conjunction foreseen since dream time by the lore keepers of this land down under, when the Rainbow Serpent that had been wounded from her fight with the poisonous snake will reawaken the song lines and bring back life and healing to the land.

At this time when Australia is going through the worse crisis of its history, threatening the very fabrics of life and essential waters from never recovering in our lifetimes, all spiritual workers and Rainbow warriors are called to pray and stand for Australia.

More details on www.scenicsasquatch.com

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