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    The Art of Inuit Storytelling
    Zacharias Kunuk (b. 1957, Kapuivik near Igloolik) won the Camera d’or at Cannes 2001 for Isuma’s first feature, Atanarjuat The Fast Runner.

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    uploaded date: 11-11-2017

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    Isuma films are available through our association with VTape, who ships and bills orders for us to anywhere in the world from Toronto.

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    uploaded date: 11-11-2017

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    Isuma films are available through our association with VTape, who ships and bills orders for us to anywhere in the world from Toronto.

    Purchase Rates for Institutions may include public performance and circulation rights and are designed for museums, galleries, libraries, universities and media archives of all sorts.

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    uploaded date: 14-11-2017

Nunavut (Our Land) 13 high-quality DVDs

From an Inuit point of view. Produced, directed, written, and acted by Inuit

13 x 30 minutes
Suitable for Museums, Galleries, Film Archives, University collections and others

Designed for museum-quality exhibition, reproducing the acclaimed 2002 Documenta 11 video installation in Kassel, Germany, this ground-breaking series is available for purchase, exhibition and installation. Nunavut’s 13 episodes of ‘recreated drama’ bring to life the authentic reality of Inuit living on the land in the 1940s in and around Igloolik, dramatizing the memories of today's Elders before government and settlement life began.

Purchase includes unlimited public performance rights and one complete set of 13 high-quality DVDs, designed for automatic continuous replay. Nunavut (Our Land) episodes can be screened individually or, like Documenta 11, as a 13-screen installation playing continuously at the same time.

This 13-part dramatic television series brings to life the people, setting and continuing story of how Inuit in the Igloolik region of the Canadian Arctic lived on the land in the 40s.

Based on true stories of present-day Elders, who still remember their early days growing up just before government and settlement life begun, Nunavut recreates a nomadic lifestyle that no longer exists today.

Following the lives of five fictional families played by contemporary Inuit, the series takes us through the different seasons of the Arctic year. Beginning during the beautiful northern spring of 1945, Nunavut re-enacts first encounters with the priest at Avaja. Inside the church, the sermon is clear: Paul 4:22, “Turn away from your old way of life.” Nevertheless, the Inuit continue their age-old traditions of fishing, hunting for walrus, caribou, and seal. Home is kept cozy by a carefully-tended seal oil lamp. But even here, news of the terrible world war raging outside makes people frightened and uneasy. The series closes on Christmas Day, which for Inuit in 1946 is a strange mix of ritual, some from the old life and some from the new.

• Episode 1: Qimuksik (Dog Team) Igloolik, Spring 1945
• Episode 2: Avaja Igloolik, Spring 1945
• Episode 3: Qarmaq (Stone House) Igloolik, Fall 1945
• Episode 4: Tugaliaq (Ice Blocks) Igloolik, Fall 1945
• Episode 5: Angiraq (Home) Igloolik, Fall 1945
• Episode 6: Auriaq (Stalking) Igloolik, Spring 1946
• Episode 7: Qulangisi (Seal Pups) Igloolik, Spring 1946
• Episode 8: Avamuktulik (Fish Swiming Back and Forth) Igloolik, Spring 1946 
• Episode 9: Aiviaq (Walrus Hunt) Igloolik, Summer 1946.
• Episode 10: Qaisut Igloolik, Summer 1946.
• Episode 11: Tuktuliaq (Caribou Hunt) Igloolik, Fall 1945
• Episode 12: Unaaq (Harpoon) Igloolik, Fall-Winter 1946.
• Episode 13: Quviasukvik (Happy Day) Igloolik, Fall-Winter 1946.

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