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19 September 2019



1h 47m 42s


indigenous filmmakers, Storyhive, Telus
  • 00:00 Hey Cuzzin

    Duration: 8m 45s

    Hey Cuzzin is a look at the lives of Indigenous cousins on and off the rez.

  • Duration: 11m 23s

    Nathan, an indigenous teen boy grew up with a braid, on and off reserve. After countless incidents of bullying he decides it's time for change.

  • 00:20 The Camp(us)

    Duration: 9m 47s

     We follow three Indigenous students who are utilizing their post-secondary education to cultivate their own personal relationships with their culture.

  • 00:29 Dzunuḵ̓wa

    Duration: 6m 22s

     A young boy bonds with his grandmother as she tells him the traditional legend of the Dzunuḵ̓wa.

  • Duration: 17m 1s

     My Father's Footsteps follow Cameron Watts, Tseshaht tribe, and the beginning of his journey to find out what happened to his father.

  • 00:53 Red Fang

    Duration: 9m 35s

     Oliver Rotheker sets out to find his missing sister, and along the way discovers the hero he was meant to be: Red Fang.

  • 01:02 Charlietube

    Duration: 9m 17s

     When a young indigenous teen goes viral online after getting fired, he turns to creating his own treaty 7 video content.

  • 01:12 Whiteface

    Duration: 15m 44s

     Two indigenous performers tread the timeline of appropriation of indigenous bodies through movement, mask, and the subversion of Red Face.

  • 01:27 Lost

    Duration: 19m 43s

    A reformed gang member on parole finds his family in shambles. Out of options, he is forced to make some hard decisions.

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