29 October 2008


This site will be for Donald Morin's Music, CV, acting demo, short mediaworks, his experimental films, and other works

2018, Mr. Morin is currently editing the mise en scene footage for his Dam T5K Hawaiian sovereignty Indigenous Resistance AKA Lefty's Revolution screenplay and proposal writing. His music CD  is in actuality  only  songs  on Reverbnation, and other new songwriting is on hold. He si currently avaialble for work in all areas of performance and production.

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Indigenous Filmmaker, Indigenous performer, Media works of Donald Morin



Media on this Channel

  • 11s

    DMorin Films Media Ad II

    uploaded by: DonaldMorin

    channel: DAMMEDIA

     Keeping your Ads short for the swipe and Go Generation, give me a try, Fun to work with

    Something for all you conspiracy theorists :-) Having fun with digital media : #giveMeAtry, #Fun2workWith

    uploaded date: 15-09-2018

  • 7m 17s

    From The Air We Breathe & God

    uploaded by: DonaldMorin

    channel: DAMMEDIA

     Recorded Summer 2005 with a sony 8mm camera at Park Lane Residence on Caravan Farm Theatre grounds. Hired to perform the LEAD in the musical IOU Land, It was the best theatre experience of my career and a wonderful time

    uploaded date: 26-02-2018

  • 5m 38s

    Walking With Sweet Mary Live

    uploaded by: DonaldMorin

    channel: DAMMEDIA

    Executive Producer; Alexander Morin, with Bradley Fehr as Howard Stovonich, Donald Morin as Willy Frencheater, and a live recording of Frencheater performing Walking With Sweet MAry in Honolulu, Hawaii January 2017

    Assitant to the Producer Diane Fehr

    Second Camera B Fehr, Diane Fehr

    Song written by Donald Morin, song winner of best folk balled Akademia Awards 2016.

    uploaded date: 21-02-2018

  • In Memory of My Mother

    uploaded by: DonaldMorin

    channel: DAMMEDIA

     2017 My Late mother around 45 years of age when I first met her April 1974, Her service was today Sept 21st 2017 in Calgary, but I could not make it due to new work. A bit of our history follows this intro. God bless you all! Yes, family announced that the passing of Irene Whitford Morin Lippke occurred September 18, 2017 8:18pm in Calgary, Alberta.

    uploaded date: 15-10-2017

  • 11m 8s

    Maybe Next Time Angel In The Sky

    uploaded by: DonaldMorin

    channel: DAMMEDIA

    I have been looking for this footage for many years , as it was not originally logged! So a good lesson; LOG your footage ALWAYS lol. Footage shot during one of the creative times of Jimy Sidlar, Donald Morin, and Kim Soo Goodtrack. Early days of filmmaking, song writing, rehearsing and videotaping of sessions in video, cassette, or S-VHS recordings

    uploaded date: 28-08-2017

  • 3m 2s

    Light In Dark Places

    uploaded by: DonaldMorin

    channel: DAMMEDIA

     Worked in Extreme Conditions for day helping people for work overseas. THis song is a result of dark palces openign up from my past and how easy it is to give up to the ploys of darkness. SHare the light of our Creator  and fight this darkness with love and grace so our children can play.

    uploaded date: 23-07-2017

  • 2m 46s

    A summer's Dream Excerpt for Danielle 1980

    uploaded by: DonaldMorin

    channel: DAMMEDIA

    Mother's Day Coming Up, and I will be working. I wrote this song when I was 23, Staying with Danielle's place on the South Side Edmonton, Take care All Mothers of our precious children

    uploaded date: 09-05-2017

  • 36s

    Eternity -Stream -33 Seconds = 33 Years & Risen: With Respect to Cree artist Ovide Bighetty & JC

    uploaded by: DonaldMorin

    channel: DAMMEDIA

    Ovide Bighettys Images saved from: http://www.imcf.ca/the-creator-s-sacrifice.html.  Words copied from same site, but slightly changed due to tense.:  (...Late Cree artist Ovide Bighetty depicted a vision that an elder had of Kisemanito Pakitinasuwin - The Creator’s Sacrifice; (the Easter story or the passion of Jesus Christ).

    uploaded date: 11-04-2017