In Memory of Patrick, Jimy, Irene & Alfred Morin

  • From Vancouver International Film Festival 1994
  • Windigo Poster
  • Late Patrick Morin
  • From CKVU Movie Night Vancouver
  • Poor reproduction of news story re family reunited after apprehension
  • art work du Father
  • Morning Fishing scene on the day of this narrative
  • Late Jimy Morin
  • Late Irene Whitford Morin Lippke
  • Late Alfred Morin
  • Art work du family from film project Metis Winter Morning
  • Family photo 2004 minus Patrick
  • late Jimy Morin, avec guitar
  • The Artist today October 2021


03 October 2021



From the memoirs of an Interdisciplinary Indigenous Artist and 60s Scoop Survivor
Volume One to be published by Scotland company soon . Copyright Donald Morin


Thank You Heavenly Father , in helping realize my early aspirations in life, I am here for your bidding
Which I I sent this line “Once I was a movie star lol” to my son and his family to inspire the next generation of our Relations as indigenous people. The oddest thing though it was when I was a young Film university acting student at SFU 1983 October that year I sarcastically said to a couple students in 10 years I’m gonna do a lead in a feature film God gave that to me and I am thankful.

God, humer, love, and laughter gets us through the darkness even life’s events. That surrounded the making of this movie Oct 1993. My first day of arrival at Lac Baskatong from Vancouver we boated and arrived at camp Laroche and there was roadkill everywhere and just a such a dreadful awful feeling so I smudge the whole area
after a couple days filming I found out that they did not respect the protocol and talk to the elders of the area so I wrote a letter to the Key creative and explained my disappointment and that we need to talk

That following weekend, I brought tobacco to the late William Commanda; I had to track him down first I didn’t know where but the first thing he said to me “go get me some butter and carrots” me being such a white Indian I didn’t know OK so I got lost again finding the carrots and butter but I came back and we had Supper and watched Clearcut starring the actor Graham Greene.
I had my first sweat that night regards questions I needed to know for the role of the film, how I needed to fulfil the role, to respect all people of our colonial history, ancestry
that following Monday filming was the most strangest experience in my life as an actor; leaving out other aspects of the beginning process of preparing for the role as an actor; once on The Pickle” the boat we filmed on; It involves a visit by my late father spirit. An amazing experience of his emotional journey when he died died. The boat we were filming on got lost, a snow blizzard occurred twice. I was in a spiritual stance, speaking in tongues, mumbling , crying on complete fear and horror. My dad’s weather conditions change that filmic day to the day he died. I was in a cabin rehearsing my lines but passed out, woken up by the Director and DOP, I was in complete fear and terror. They carried me to the set. The camera and lighting crew worked around me as makeup, costumes and hair worked on me. Clutching my medicine pouch, I remember the French words for rolling, and action. In control as an actor but in total hysteria, crying, bawling my eyes in fear of dying, I did my first take. Camera ran out of film. Just as the I finished my lines. (A 35mm fil roll approx. ten minutes. As crew set up again the Director just whispered in my ear directions he forgot what he wanted we are not doing four takes, and I said no more. we finally made it to next location, I was famished, because I decided not to eat that day, thinking about Fad going hunting that fateful day for our family. Deer was the expected catch. After eating, I was sent back to La Pointe du David accommodations for the day. I was exhausted and wondered what in the world happened to me? I retired, laid down. Moments later, a circle of light left my legs in my bed. My dad or his angel visited me that day to authentic Eddy LaRoche’s death scene. An experience after the filming, that was vivid and real
so the spirit world is alive
now Patrick is with my Jimmy and their daddy and mommy
sorry folks it’s emotional tired time


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