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17 September 2018


  • Duration: 1h 9m 6s

    Nunavut Gala April 1, 1999 Part 2

    Segment 1: This is the second part of the Nunavut Gala celebrating the formation of the Nunavut Territory. Performers in this show include: Charlie Panigoniak, Susan Aglukark, Colin Adjuk, Uvagut Band, Simionie Keenainak and throat singers. The show is very good and entertaining.

  • Duration: 52m 32s

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    Arviq! (Bowhead!).

  • Duration: 5m 30s

    Innarijatini Unikatuat Ep. 8 “ᓂᕕᐊᕐᓵᑯᓗᒃ ᐃᓕᐊᕐᔪᒃ” - The Little Orphan Girl, Produced by JerryCo Animation and Kingulliit Productions. 2016. Inuktut.

    ᖃᓄᐃᒪᑦ ᓂᕕᐊᕐᓵᓄᑦ ᐱᑦᑎᐊᖃᑦᑕᕆᐊᖃᒪᖔᑕ.

  • Duration: 7m 2s

    The women rehearse their song before entering the stage of the Teatro National de Mexico where they will be the guests of Artcirq and their Mexican hosts. A collaboration North-South.

  • 02:14 Perspectives | Arnait Video Presents: Tusaviit

    Duration: 19m 31s

    Arnait Video Presents: Tusaviit, Arnait Video Productions 2008, Inuktut and English.

  • Duration: 2m 35s

    Johanna Awa on leadership and women. In English

  • Duration: 7m 23s

    Tungijuq (What We Eat), Isuma, Kunuk Cohn Productions 2009, Producer Stephane Rituit, Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael, Zacharias Kunuk. Inuktut.

    Inuit jazz throat-singer Tanya Tagaq, and Cannes-winning filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk, talk back to Brigitte Bardot and anti-sealhunting lobby on the eternal reality of hunting.

  • Duration: 4m 42s

  • 02:48 Perspectives | Of Ravens and Children

    Duration: 31m 17s

    Of Ravens and Children, Arnait Video Productions 2015, Director Marie-helene Cousineau. Inuktut and English w/Eng s-t.

  • Duration: 3m 28s

    Anaanatsiaq makes a parka for Ataatatsiaq. Anaanatsiaq qulittaujaliuqtillugu Aisakimik.


  • Duration: 2m 30s

    Anirniq visits the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. Anirniq pulaariaqsimatillugu nunaqaqaaqsimajut takujagaqarvvinganu Aatuvaami.


  • Duration: 5m 57s

    Ulaajuk School students learn about different cultures and wear clothing from around the world. Ulaajuup iliiniaqtingit ilinniaqtut nunarjuamiutait iliqqusiqatigiingittut missaanut.

  • Duration: 34m 24s

    Artcirq teaches and performs in Igloolik, some more! 

  • Duration: 34m 25s

    Some in-depth behind the scenes footage of Artcirq's very big job... 

  • Duration: 1h 2m 27s

    Footage from the Fibonacci project in Mexico and from Essakane -- don't let the big bugs bite! Featuring renowned hunter Terry Uyarak. 

  • Duration: 1h 4m

    NITV: Nunatinni (At Our Place). Local news and culture from Igloolik.

    Episode includes Eric N. discussing Inuusiq, a segment about Artcirq and an NITV training announcement.

    Filmmaker Contact:

    Host: Carol Kunuk

    Camera: Natar Ungalaq

    Producer's Name: NITV

  • Duration: 1h 25m 5s

    Angirattut (Coming Home), Kingulliit Productions 2014, Director Zacharias Kunuk. Inuktitut no sub-titles.

  • Duration: 1h 4m 1s

    NITV: Nunatinni (At Our Place). Local news and culture from Igloolik.

    Phone-in show, with footage from various community events and Atanarjuat.

    Producer's Name: NITV

    Country: Canada

  • Duration: 28m 57s

    Program name: Takujuminaqtut / Takuyuminaqtut
    Producer: Rankin Inlet - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: John Ajaruaq

  • 09:49 Inuusivut

    Duration: 10m 41s

    This is the first music video clip ever made in Igloolik, with the band "Eskiez", a very nice inspiration for all other musicians in town!! Other music video clips are on the way.

    Filmmaker: Guillaume Saladin and Derek Aqqiaquq

    Filmmaker Contact:


  • Duration: 15m 59s

    We've worked very hard to get this video to the United Nations for COP-15. Here it is!!! Ukiutatuq Takuguk! is ready for the world to watch!!! It will be presented in Copenhagen at Denmark's National Gallery this upcoming week.

  • Duration: 2m 2s

  • Duration: 2m 20s

  • Duration: 58m 57s

    NITV: Nunatinni (At Our Place). Local news and culture from Igloolik.

    Stories about seal and walrus hunting, and old footage of the town.

    Filmmaker Contact:

    Host: Carol Kunuk

    Camera: Natar Ungalaq

    Producer's Name: NITV

    Country: Canada

  • 11:19 Hunting With My Ancestors | Episode 1: Bowhead Whale Hunt

    Duration: 49m 51s

    Hunting With My Ancestors Episode 1: Bowhead Whale Hunt, Isuma, Kingulliit Productions 2017, Director Zacharias Kunuk.

    Inuit have hunted bowhead whales for thousands of years, using stone tools to hunt these 25 ton mammals. In 2016, Igloolik received a tag to harvest a bowhead; Zacharias Kunuk documents this hunt - from the selection of hunting captains and planning

  • Duration: 30m

    Hunting With My Ancestors Episode 2: Net Fishing Under the Ice, Isuma/Kingulliit Productions 2018, Director Zacharias Kunuk. Inuktut w/Eng s-t.

  • Duration: 29m 58s

    Hunting With My Ancestors, Episode 3, Dog Team Bear Hunt.

  • 13:09 Hunting With My Ancestors | Episode 5: Walrus Hunt

    Duration: 32m 40s

    Inuit of the Igloolik region have been hunting walrus, incredibly large and sometimes dangerous animals, for thousands of years – caching and fermenting their meat for the long winter ahead. We first follow Zach on a winter hunt, as hunters venture out by snowmobile to the floe edge in search of walrus, and a more common summer hunt by boat.  

  • 13:41 Hunting With My Ancestors | Episode 6: Seal Pup Hunt

    Duration: 55m 29s

    It’s June and time for the spring seal hunt. People travel on the melting sea ice looking for cracks and breathing holes in the 24-hour daylight. Zach follows elder Louis Uttak on a family seal hunt, as he shares his expert hunting knowledge and tells stories of his past life living on the land.  

  • 14:37 Hunting With My Ancestors | Episode 7: Caribou Hunt With Peter Suwaksiork

    Duration: 32m 27s

    In October of 2015 Zach travelled to Arviat, one of the southernmost communities in Nunavut, along the western coast of Hudson Bay. The area is known for its incredibly large herds of caribou.

  • Duration: 37m 45s

    Live From the Floe Edge

    From an Inuit Point of View

    August 2008

    Walrus Hunt

  • Duration: 15m 28s

    On May 5, 2013 Zacharias Kunuk went polar bear hunting with his brother Laben Kunuk. They managed to catch a bear as Zacharias filmed the hunt.

    Camera: Zacharias Kunuk

    Editor: Carol Kunnuk

    Running time: 15:25

  • Duration: 6m 23s

    Elder & Youth Seal hunt Project,Taloyoak,Nu.June,2014.


    Simon Poodlat


    Joseph Quqqiaq Jr

  • Duration: 2m 19s

     zacharias makes a home video while seal hunting with mr paul qulitalik and other people .
    camera : zacharias kunuk

  • Duration: 2m 29s

     zacharias makes a home video of seal hunting with mr paul qulitalik near the flow edge
    camera : zacharias kunuk

  • Duration: 29m 1s

    Program name: Qaujisaut

  • Duration: 1h 2m 22s

    NITV: Nunatinni (At Our Place). Local news and culture from Igloolik.

    Episod includes old footage of walrus hunting, kids sliding, more old footage, home videos and a segment about makkik fox fur.

    Filmmaker Contact:

    Host: Carol Kunuk

    Camera: Aaron Kunuk

    Producer's Name: NITV

  • Duration: 4m 27s

    Miali and Jupee go caribou hunting. They catch a caribou and drink some tea out on the land. Miali and Juupe tuttuliaqsimajuuk ammalu nunami tiituqtuuk.


  • Duration: 15m 33s

  • Duration: 28m 50s

    Program: Kippinguijautiit (Things to Pass Time By): This show entertains the audience with funny and interesting stories on traditional and contemporary Inuit way of life. Kippingujautiit features northern musical talent and coverage of games and special events. Kippinguijautiit was the most popular Inuktitut language program from the audience survey conducted in 1992.

  • Duration: 1h 30m 58s

    IBC: Nunavut Gala April 1, 1999, Part 1 (90 mins), Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, Iqaluit 1999. Inuktut and English.

  • Duration: 5m 43s

  • Duration: 2m 12s

    Outdoors at sea. Hall Beach Sanirajak, Nunavut.


    Video by Eric Anoee, Jr.


  • Duration: 1m 7s

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