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Qulliq (Oil Lamp)


21 October 2007


Women of the Video Collective reenact a traditional women's activity: the use of the qulliq.

The qulliq is the seal oil lamp and stove of the old days, the only source of light and warmth. The women tell the story in words and songs as they install the qulliq in their igloo.

Filmmaker: Arnait Ikkagurtigitt Collective

Filmmaker Contact:


Visit our website www.arnaitvideo.ca or www.isuma.ca

Producer's Name: Arnait Ikkagurtigitt Collective

Year of Production: 1993

Distributor Information:


Arnait Video Productions, 5764 ave Monkland, Montreal QC, H4A 1E9 Canada, tel +1.514.486.0707 fax +1.514.486.9851 info [at] arnaitvideo [dot] ca

Country: Canada

Region: Canadian Arctic

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