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The Inuusivut project operates thanks to a 2.5 year (ending March, 2010) contribution from Health Canada’s First Nations & Inuit Health Branch. Funding is also raised through other sources on a project by project basis to cover project expenses.

Sustaining Inuusivut and related activities for future years is an important consideration in this project. Experienced elders, youth and community members will be utilized to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills among community members. At all stages of the project, additional support mechanisms will be identified and sought out.

Options and possibilities for making the activities associated with Inuusivut self-sustaining will be reviewed and implemented. Following its demonstration phase, successful activities will be shared, and communities and organizations will be encouraged and supported in undertaking similar activities in their regions for the longer term.

Specifically, the project will work with partners to identify and secure grants from Foundations and Corporate sponsors, reducing reliance on government funding for such activities. Although we do receive limited financial support from government agencies, any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

The Embrace Life Council is a registered charity and would be pleased to provide tax receipts and other forms of recognition for your support.