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Inuit Knowledge & Climate Change: Apea Sowdluapik

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09 noviembre 2010


Apea Sowdluapik from Pangnirtung speaks about the impacts of climate change.

"These days the wind changes direction quickly.  Weather would be good and then bad all of a sudden.  That's how it is today.

In the past, spring would have good and long weather.  It didn't change suddenly.  Now the wind changes suddenly.

When we had a strong wind, people in windy areas had their houses blown away.  Now, it's a lot calmer.

Certainly, we used to go to travel to the other side by ice until the end of June. We no longer can because of early breakup.

Last year, with all the melting, when the river for stronger, people on the other side had to stay there. They had to be boated to the health centre.  In an emergency, we had to dangerously cross the broken bridge with patients."


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