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Women in Canada:A Trilogy


15 May 2007


Described as grotesquely humorous these three stories exemplify the hardships of life in early canada. Murder, disabled chickens and a cross dresser - everything you need for a true Canadian story. Shot on the Fisher Price pixelvision camcorder this film resembles a nightmare caught on a surveilance camera. The three narrators, one a disembodied computer voice, lead the viewer through this murky world of triumph, tragedy and whatever lies between. Each piece is approximately 4 minutes in length. Black and white. Sound.

Filmmaker: Marnie Parrell

Filmmaker Contact:



Producer's Name: Marnie Parrell

Year of Production: 2006

Distributor Information:


Vtape, 401 Richmond Street West-Suite 452, Toronto, ON M5A 3A8 Canada Tel: 416 351 1317 Contact: Wanda Vanderstoop

Country: Canada

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4m 14s


early Canada, infanticide, pixelvision, women's history



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