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15 May 2007


This film is about rebirth - a young man coming to grips with his past and trying to change the future. This film takes place mostly in his jail cell as he burns Indian medicine for strength. While the medicine burns and smoke comes up from a wooden smudge bowl he reflects on his past. As he leaves prison, and the experience of rebirth, he has to decide between his family and his gang life.

Filmmaker: Ervin Chartrand

Filmmaker Contact:


Through the Winnipeg Film Group

Producer's Name: Ervin Chartrand, Vanessa Loewen

Year of Production: 2005

Distributor Information:


Winnipeg Film Group 304-100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, R3B 1H3 Tel: 204 925.3542 Fax: 204 942.6799 distribution@winnipegfilmgroup.com Contact: Monica Lowe

Country: Canada

Region: Manitoba

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6m 5s


504938C, Indian medicine, re-birth


Lake Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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