In Memory of My Mother

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15 October 2017


 2017 My Late mother around 45 years of age when I first met her April 1974, Her service was today Sept 21st 2017 in Calgary, but I could not make it due to new work. A bit of our history follows this intro. God bless you all! Yes, family announced that the passing of Irene Whitford Morin Lippke occurred September 18, 2017 8:18pm in Calgary, Alberta. I first met my mother Irene April 1974, after a series of public announcements on Ched Radio and The Edmonton Journal about two brothers who met their sisters after sixteen years. If I remember correctly, Ron Morin contacted Ched Radio about meeting his sisters at an Edmonton Establishment. The sisters knew much about Ronald and myself, and he then proceeded to bring them home to meet me. Edmonton Journal Paper reached us and offered to take us to lunch to secure the story. Ron Morin, Diane Morin, now Diane Fehr, and Donna Morin, Elaine MOrin and myself met at the Westmount Mall Restaurant avec Journalist and the story "Family Reunited after Sixteen years was published the following day CBC Television contact us and in a series of events, we (the twins and three sisters) were being interviewed by Larry Bradner of the CBC hourglass program. Ronald (sort of the spokesperson) re-iterated the story, and after some time, the host mentions; "Well, we have a little surprise hfor you" and motions to the Studio PA to do something. We look and a beautiful woman appears out fo the cyclorama and is aided by the Studio Director towards the stage. Ronald and I get up and walk towards the lady as we are introduced to our "real mother " for the first time after the June 1958 apprehension of us from her. She was 43 at the time and was beautiful. IT was an awkward moment as she tripped over some wires and we sort of caught her slight stumble. After the interview, we all went out for a family gathering. Irene remarried to December 1974 to late Helmut Lippke and lived a long and happy life in Calgary , Alberta. Because of the 60s scoop era, the family connection were lost due to the time, but we did out best to re-connect throughout the years, had a family reunion at Alberta Beach 2004, and it saddens me to know she is no longer with us here on planet Earth. Absent from the body, present with the lord. God bless you mom, till we meet again XO Donald Morin,BA2016

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