Schoolyards & Oldtown Audio Schematic

  • First Page of Radio Play Audio Mix Schematic
  • Second Page of Radio Play Audio Mix Schematic
  • 3rd-page-schematic notesRadioPlay-Mix
  • 4th-page-Radio-Play-Sound-design
  • 5th-page-Radio-Play-Sound-design
  • 6th-page-Radio-Play-Sound-design
  • 7th-page-Radio-Play-Sound-design
  • 8th-page-Radio-Play-Sound-design
  • 9th-page-Radio-Play-Sound-design
  • 10th-page-Radio-Play-Sound-design
  • 11th-page-Radio-Play-Sound-design
  • 12th-page-Radio-Play-Sound-design
  • Scene notes on Folded Front of Radio Play Audio Mix Schematic
  • Scene notes on Folded 2nd page Front of Radio Play Audio Mix Schematic
  • Single note on Folded 3rd page of Radio Play Audio Mix Schematic


03 January 2015


The Radio play is on this site to listen to while one studies these mixing charts.

Perhaps you a young student artist may create an exercise in listening and following the chart thru the play? I rearranged scans to have all 12 pages of audio mixing charts to follow concurrently, followed by Play notes on charts. Play notes predominantly are references to info stating source of SFx audio data. The audio mix breakdown of the 1989 Radio Play Schoolyards and Oldtown was water damaged, so I decided to scan it and add it to Dammedia. My Samsung scanner (donated to Dammedia by Ron Morin Law Corporation) was able to scan 90 percent of original, but I had to scan the remaining 10% separately and re-size and paste the two addendums to the final canvass.. What we have for now is the scene breakdown (in pencil) written down after I folded the hardcopy breakdown of Twelve 11 x 17 original sound design pages in half. Following that is page one of the 11 X 17 final export. The following Eleven pages will be added asap. thanks for viewing. Radio Producer Gunargie O'Sullivan early in her career helped co-produce this radio play under the companies Spirit Song Native Indian Theatre Company and Co-op Radio Community Radio 1989. A competition notice was put out into the community, and I wrote this radio play for entry and won the competition. Great actors, and a great time.

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