Michelline Ammaq - Costume Designer

My name is Michelline Ammaq. I’m the costume designer. I decide how the costume is going to be designed for the Igloolik cast.

Are there differences between men and women’s costumes?

Yes, there are two different styles for women and three styles for men. The parkas and kamiks are almost done. We’re also beading a fancy amauti for ‘Shoofly’.

How long have you been with Isuma?

I first participated back in 1988 the Isuma films Qaggiq and Nunaqpa. The first film we used cloth got the costumes, but for Atanarjuat we had made traditional clothing from fur and skins.

I heard you had an experience with a narwhal?

Last summer, they were saying that narwhals were close so I couldn’t help but go home from work to get ready to go hunting. I got ready and went down. I drove the boat and my son Isa had the rifle and husband Samuilie had the harpoon. We drove them close enough to the shore and I was close enough that I had this once in a lifetime opportunity and so I harvested it. I would love to be a hunter but I can’t go hunting because I have to work.

Have you always lived in Igloolik?

I grew up in Qaqqalik in an outpost camp. I spent some time in Chesterfield Inlet. I can say that I’ve been here since the age of 12 and had also lived in an outpost camp from 1996-1998.


14 December 2009



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Igloolik, NU, Canada

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    Who are you and what is your role in the film?

    My name is Tooguyuk, which means “big fluffy dog”. I'm actually from Igloolik, and am Samueli Ammaq's lead dog. In the film, I am going to play the lead dog of the Greenlandic character Bosun (played by Qillaq Petersen from Qaanaaq).

    How have you been preparing for the role?

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    How long have you been a chef?

    I've been a chef for about 22 years. I started in my hometown of Sherbrooke, QC and I went to Iqaluit after that for about 10 years. I learned how to cook country food (caribou, seal, etc.) at Expo '86 in Vancouver in the Northwest Territories Pavillion. I learned how to cook country food over there.

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    How long have you been with Isuma?

    Since December, 2004. Only a few months.

    How important is the community of Igloolik to the film?

    It's important because all of the staff is from the community. Everything I need goes through the community. Most of the staff and qamutiks (sleds) come from the community.

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