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15th Jan 2019 – 15th Comment - Pond Inlet - Inuktitut


01 February 2019


Before the mine started, archeologists studied the various sites that are going to be impacted and found artifacts, I ask you, Is there archeologist making sure that the mine isn't destorying any archeological sites are artcifacts. Second thing,There are hunting routes that have been used for centuries that are still being tought, those routes should be protected in my opinion.

He is the deputy mayor. Has not seen archeologists since 2010-2011 working around the mine. He had said that the place was rich in artefacts. The archeologist had said that Baffinland always pushed them to finish their work. Stories from the 1870, roads that were used in both directions to Iqaluit, someone had died near Mary River due to bad weather. Land used for a very long time. People are still using that area, the route, and it should be protected from damage. They should not be prevented from using that trail, because it has been used for a very long time. Polar bears also use that trail.


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2019, Archaeology, hunters, NIRB, polar bears, pond inlet

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