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15th Jan 2019 – 4th Comment - Pond Inlet - Inuktitut


01 February 2019


Elder: Reading from the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement there are a few that are not being met and Baffinland is also making plans that don't follow the NLCA, if Baffinland cannot follow their plans without breaking the NLCA, I think they need to another planing that would have to make a new plan that would have to be voted by the People and the government for it to be approved.

Reading section 19.2 = of the high Arctic communities, only the closest are represented – only the 5 communities. The other communities, South Arctic communities, are not included in the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement but they are included in the Baffinland project. Art 21.4.1 of the NLCA. The railroad is not in the agreement, and new transportation route also not in the agreement. If Baffinland agreed to that they would be breaking the NLCA. Article on employment: that has not been dealt with yet. Article 21.41. You can only operate something under the NLCA. The HTO did not agree with the railway because there are lots of reasons not to approve it. Before we look at HTO’s reasons, then we cannot get anywhere. The agreement is our basis for our government and Baffinland will need to follow these agreements before they can get a go ahead. He cannot really say what their recommendations are for Baffinland, he wants the articles looked at and the agreement followed, then Baffinland could go ahead.


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