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15th Jan 2019 – Jushua Qassa - Pond Inlet - Inuktitut


01 February 2019


Jushua Qassa: Mayor of the hamlet. We have 1600 Inuit as population. Three groups: 3rd group we can classify as hunters, 350 hunters. The impacts hunters have felt, they listened to their statements with HTO through the hamlet council, in the past summer. Stories of char and seal hunters, they felt great impacts, and that was done only with Baffinland’s past shipping. Seals and chars have already changed their habits. Someone presented a motion that Phase 2 should be rejected by HTO. Hamlet council also did not want to go against HTO, with the future of the hunters of the community in mind. The council has agreed with HTO’s motion. Once they knew that NIRB was going to do these consultations, the council wanted to make sure they would be given correct information on Baffinland’s proposal. They found 2 people who are very literate for the technical part of the review, and they will assist with 2 from HTO, 2 from the council, elders and from community. They will form a group and look at Baffinland’s proposal. The reason they are not in support they are not sure if their 400 and plus members will have a future with those impacts. In total, 35 males and 13 females from the Pond Inlet community were hired this summer by Baffinland. The hunters are a lot more people than those employees, that’s why the plan has to be scrutinized. The Baffinland group will look at the proposition to make a statement.

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